QuestionWhen should I start using MaxRoot ?
AnswerThere is no age limit, however, we recommend you start using MaxRoot latest, when you feel change in either Hair Volume, or Hair Color. You may also use MaxRoot if you have dandruff. The earlier you start, the better the results.
QuestionHow does MaxRoot work ?
AnswerMaxRoot works like a vitamin punch to your scalp and hair roots. Maximizes the power of your hair root, lets you feel the volume and makes you avoid chemical hair coloring which might be dangerous to your health.
QuestionHow quick will MaxRoot work ?
AnswerYou will need to apply MaxRoot at least for 2-4 weeks as indicated on the package, to feel the difference. As you know, good things take time, so do not expect to get a miracle over night.


QuestionHow do I apply MaxRoot?

AnswerMaxRoot comes in handy tubes. Simply distribute the liquid gel like substance over your scalp, in the areas you feel need most care. Then massage well, with soft pressure, not too strong, since we do not want to damage your hair, nor hurt your scalp. The purpose is to well distribute MaxRoot and stimulate the
blood circulation around the hair roots, to give better penetration. You may want to pull out some of the grey hair to open up some hair roots, if you are at the beginning stage of seeing grey hair.